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​1000 Yatırımlar Holding is working on a better future model with secure platforms and innovative solutions across different areas such as transportation, software and energy. Each day, it is taking firm steps towards future with new ideas and a rapid growth rate. Employing more than 500 people, 1000 Yatırımlar Holding draws its strength from its curiosity for innovation, and commitment to continuous development while seeking rational solutions to the problems of growing cities and changing world.

​There are seven companies under the umbrella of 1000 Yatırımlar Holding:
BinBin, Q Charge, Algoritma, Altay Enerji, 1000Pay, Taksim and Go Sharing

​In 2019, we also launched Q Charge and Algoritma to accompany us on this journey with BinBin. BinBin started its operations as an application aiming to spread the sharing economy through eco-friendly transportation alternatives.

Q Charge was founded to support this ecosystem. Rise in energy consumption and growth of the electric vehicle market have created a huge deficit in energy demand. That's how we started our activities within Q Charge with the aim of producing our own energy and providing services at electric charging stations.

While building BinBin's structure, we had the opportunity to understand the importance of domestic software and hardware. Software is one of the main elements with the greatest added value in the world. We began creating projects with our Algoritma team in order to produce smart city technologies, provide services in different fields through our local software, and create added value.

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​​Yamanevler, Sanayi Cad. A Blok No: 56/5 - Ümraniye / İstanbul


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